Recommended books :

  • Traité d’ébénisterie de Lucien Chanson
  • L’ébénisterie technologie et pratique de François Germond
  • La marqueterie de Pierre Ramond
  • Anatomie du meuble de René Maubert
  • Antiquités vraies et imitées de Marcel Curtat
  • Les secrets du vernissage et du laquage des bois  - Laverdure et fils
  • L’homme Initiatique – l’Appel de la conscience de Roger Begey
  • L’esprit du Compagnonnage de J.P Bayard

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Museum pieces of furniture copy

The workshop reproduces pieces of ancient furniture based on original skectchings.

Plans are first put forward to the client and, upon agreement, pieces are executed using the corresponding wood species.

The bronzes are directly moulded on the piece of furniture. They will be castered, carved and gilded in Paris.

The piece of furniture will be finished with an adequate varnish (stamped, waxed or lacquered). It is guaranteed against any faulty workmanship and signed by hand.

Firstly machine cut, the materials are then exclusively worked on by hand. Sculptures are executed by carving directly the solid wood

Veneers are sawn at the workshop. For the 17th and 18th centuries ones, 3 mm thickness is used whereas for the 19th century ones, it would be 1 to 1.5mm.

Sceneries are made of mosaics, flowers, landscapes or figures.