Recommended books :

  • L’ébéniste restaurateur de François Germond
  • Identification des Objets Anciens de Marcel Curtat
  • Trucs et procédés du bois de J.P Coutrait
  • Retables in SITU – S.F.I.I.C 2004
  • La conservation des bois dans le Patrimoine précis de conservation préventive – S.F.I.I.C
  • Sauvegarde du patrimoine Culturel – ARENA

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The alliance of art, technics and science

  • Restoration of collectible pieces of furniture, made of solid or inlaid wood, preservation of valuable furniture using museums' techniques.
  • Restoration-preservation of polychrome or gilded statues


restorationWhen restoring ancient furniture, we always strive to work in a reversible conservation manner in order to preserve its authenticity.

In order to address all requests, the workshop owns the largest wood stock and precious veneers of eastern France. It also keeps animal based glues and turtle scales (with special Ministry authorisation).
The furniture’s stability is achieved through the usage of central heating and moisture controls on a regular basis.

Each restoration will be accompanied by a fully documented booklet including photos and technical specification.


Quotations are free of charge within a 40 km radius around Nancy or when based on a fully documented file. Quotations will be invoiced in all other cases.

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